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company news about Shanghai Exhibition Yi Lida play marketing, pushing new products, stood to make accounting aotou!

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Company News
Shanghai Exhibition Yi Lida play marketing, pushing new products, stood to make accounting aotou!
Latest company news about Shanghai Exhibition Yi Lida play marketing, pushing new products, stood to make accounting aotou!
March 31 --4 2 April, the twenty-seventh China International Hardware Fair held at the National Exhibition Center (Shanghai). This year's Expo to enable the National Exhibition Center (Shanghai) floor all seven exhibition halls, total exhibition of 8000, the size of a new record high. In this exhibition of more than 170 enterprises in the abrasives, Shenzhen Yi Lida Wheel Co., Ltd., as the show's regulars, which moves style is again reached another new high that it "exhibition marketing" process of becoming whole show site a dazzling scenery.
Compared with the previous exhibition, the exhibition Yi Lida has three highlights:
One is to improve the product line, easy Lida brings a variety of new products, including breeding years of super-hard material products - Diamond Saw;
The second is the importance of corporate culture, the word "grinding force baby love Grant Program" on booth Yi of the heart of people's good sense of social responsibility and love presented dripping out, but also reflects a concise and easy Lida corporate culture of this enterprise, in addition, the exhibition site is easy to force a sentence of one impassioned of the Court also confirms that corporate culture;
The third is to upgrade the corporate image, and "grinding force Baby" campaign, this time the show is easy to power up to "take heart", every detail of the booth are arranged just right, every detail is easily force of culture and integration of spirit.
In addition, easy to force Dharma force baby Grant Program in the show again been widespread concern, we have also been a response to a lot of partners, and since 2013 Ganzi student trip, Xu Quan Chairman has been in the quiet dedication of their love: festivals, each school period, students will be subsidized by Xu Dong love and support for them. Xu Dong also said Yi Lida practice "initiate," he hopes that through such activities can appeal and led some people to those poor children a hope, be able to do their ability to give people in need to create a better life.
The exhibition, many customers and visitors to easily force of the new plant showed great interest. Xu Dong to grind Business Network reporter disclosed that at present the new factory in Huizhou City Yi Lida Grinding Technology Co., Ltd. has officially voted to build, the company will not only sell products in order to sell products, but to do "cultural products" this "cultural products" to the existing core strengths, but also down to earth, creating value for enterprises, industry, consumers and society!
Through communication with the force of Xu Dong Yi, grinding business network correspondents benefit, mixed feelings, live interviews show more partners, the more deeply our abrasives industry is flourishing attitude to bloom! what a phenomenon inspiring! this shows that our traditional abrasives industry is a promising industry, spring is not far from the truth! grind business Network reporter industry colleagues hope to communicate more with each other, work together to create a more harmonious and better abrasive abrasive industry!


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